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Week 28: Bagel Dogs

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We were trying to think of a new recipe for this week, probably involving sausages because we had some in the fridge. Emma came up with the idea of Bagel Dogs, based on Corn Dogs but with the sausage wrapped in bagel dough.

The dough was made following the same recipe as last time. After leaving the individual dough balls to rise, they were rolled out and a cooked sausage was placed on each, before being rolled up to completely enclose the sausage.

Bagel Dogs

After boiling for 1 minute on each side, the 'dogs' were put on skewers and baked for 20 minutes - resting the skewers on the sides of a deep baking tray so the dogs were held above the tray while they cooked.

Bagel Dogs

A cooked bagel dog on a stick.

Bagel Dogs

We thought the Bagel Dogs were an original idea but according to Wikipedia, they have been around since 1943.