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Week 14: Pizza and Land Cress

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Last year I planted some Land Cress. It grew slowly and was still quite small at the end of the summer so I left it in the garden over the winter. With the recent warm weather, it seems to have put on a growth spurt.

This afternoon I harvested a big handful of it. Some of the stalks were a bit thick so I stripped the leaves from some of the thicker pieces. It is fairly well known that winter-grown water cress is spicier than summer-grown and the same seems to be true of the land cress.

Tonight we cooked another home-made pizza, topped with chicken and some cheese from the Thame Country Show. We had the cress as a spicy salad garnish.

The remaining cress in the garden looks like it may start flowering so it probably needs harvesting soon. I made a pan of chicken stock yesterday so I could make a variation of watercress soup using the land cress.