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Some Google Maps things

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About a week ago or so, Emma was surprised to notice that Google Maps is incapable of calculating a route from Manchester to Buxton. It works if you type in a place within Buxton, and also if you choose to calculate a walking route.

Next, looking at the live traffic on Google Maps, I noticed the region of slow traffic seemed to be concentrated in a band across the middle of the country. When I checked the weather map on the BBC, it looked like this is where all the snow has been.


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Garden Organic Ryton

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We went to the Garden Organic Ryton, hoping to see the reindeer which were supposed to be there over the weekend. The snow has caused chaos on some of the roads and apparently they were held up in heavy traffic on the motorway so we didn't get chance to see them but we had a wander around the shop and garden anyway.


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