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The Final Fling

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The Final Fling is the Warwick Uni end of year do, held at Coombe Abbey Country Park. We opted for the full tickets which included meal, music and fairground. The food was ok but not worth the extra £20.

First course was a Ricotta and Cherry Tomato Tart, which was tasty enough. Main course was chicken in a sun-dried tomato sauce, served with new potatoes and vegetables. The veg was mainly green beans with some baby sweetcorn. Some people had bits of red pepper as well but there weren't enough to go around. The potatoes were minted and the chicken stuffed with pesto. The combination of flavours clashed somewhat and detracted from the overall meal.

Dessert was described as a Double Chocolate truffle with cherry coulis and double chocolate sauce. This was really nice with a good balance of sweet and bitter chocolate.

The live bands were an odd choice - Nizlopi, Idlewild and the Sugababes. We spend most of the time alternating between listening to them and going on the fairground rides.

All the rides were paid for but the queues were huge. We managed to go on everything once though, and I seemed to acquire various bruises from most of them. First injury was on the dodgems where my knee slammed into the steering wheel. Most of the bruises came from the ride where the seats are in a horizontal line and these get lifted up in a circular motion. Very quickly. I didn't seem to fit in the seat very well so I kept getting slammed against the side a lot.

The most disappointing part of the evening came at 1am when without warning all the rides closed. The event itself carried on til 3am but all you could do then was drink and listen to the annoying DJs. We went home shortly afterwards.

Although the evening sounds disappointing , the main problem was that it didn't feel good value. I can imagine it was very expensive to host so the high prices probably weren't due to profiteering. There were some minor highlights, for example the Sugababes didn't seem to do their full 30 minute act - it certainly felt a lot quicker anyway. Also there were helium balloons on each table and during the meal many of these kept flying around the marquee, some of them hovering with almost perfect boyancy, as people removed the weights and let them free.