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Squirrel Stuff

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The BBC seems to love reporting on squirrel stories, the latest one being about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Here are a few more from the site:

Diet Part 2

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I think last week might not have been the best time to start a diet. There were several people leaving work and one birthday, all of which involved people bringing cakes in to share.
At least my policy of walking to the station instead of taking the bus is having a useful side-effect. I'm usually there in time for the early train which means I get to work early and can have a long lunch break and still manage to leave early!

On a similar food related note, for about 3 weeks now there has been a 'Greggs' bag in the fridge in work. It looks about the right shape and size to be a pasty or savoury slice some kind. Nobody seems to know who it belongs to. Perhaps its original owner decided to go on a diet and left it there...