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Circus of Horrors

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We went to see the Circus of Horrors at the Belgrade Theatre. They were touring with a new show but most of the actual acts were the same - they still had the dwarf who attaches a vacuum cleaner to his penis and a lot of the acrobat acts were repeated from last time. The songs and the comedy bits were new though.

Earlier in the week I mentioned in work that we were going to see this and tried to describe it to people. I think Meatloaf meets Rocky Horror meets Cirque de Soleil is probably the best I can come up with. It's a fun night out.

Circus of Horrors

Story location: Home / Blog / theatre /

We went to see the Circus of Horrors at the Belgrade Theatre tonight. I'd seen it advertised regularly in the Fortean Times but their recent tours hadn't come to Coventry until now.

I didn't really know what to expect - it just sounded like it would be a good show. We weren't disappointed. It was like a cross between a circus and a rock opera. There were the usual acrobats, contortionists, sword swallowers and fire eaters. Some acts also involved fake blood and pretend limbs being cut off, a dwarf with a vacuum cleaner attached to his penis or with a firework up his arse.

It was an unusual and entertaining night out.

On The Ceiling

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I don't go to the theatre very often, so when a special offer was circulated in work (the chance to see On the Ceiling for only £5), I decided it was too good an offer to refuse. The play, at the Birmingham Rep, was written by Nigel Planer (best known for playing Neil in the Young Ones or narrating the 90s revival of The Magic Roundabout). He was actually at the theatre tonight - we saw him in the foyer a few times and he was sitting at the far end of our row.

The play was about two of Michaelangelo's assistants during the painting of the roof of the Sistene Chapel. A fairly quirky comedy with some funny moments. It was mainly a double act (starring Ralf Little and Ron Cook), but with the Pope and a Cardinal making a brief appearance towards the end.