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Las Vegas Day 3: Last full day of holiday - more sightseeing.

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Las Vegas Hotel San Remo - home of the $4.95 Steak and Eggs, as recommended by Rechaad and Candy (They took the photo of me standing at the edge of the canyon yesterday.)
It would have been a long walk to here from Circus Circus, so I took the bus most of the way, and then wandered around taking a few photos in the area. I didn't realise that I was taking so many photos until I noticed that I had actually shot an entire roll before breakfast!

The Hotel was set back a couple of hundred yard from The Strip, but the short walk was worth it. The steak was good, as was the coffee.

Las Vegas The Bellagio.
The pond/lake in front of the hotel is the setting for the famous musical fountain show. A very simple idea, but well executed - the fountains come on and off in time to the music.

Las Vegas
New York New York and Paris, Las Vegas. See two famous landmarks within a short walk of each other - cuts out thousands of miles of travelling.

Las VegasThe roller coaster at NYNY can be seen behind the Statue of Liberty - this was the scariest, most painful roller coaster ride I have been on - it is fast, with several sharp turns where you get thrown violently from side to side. Expensive at $10 per ride, but I had to do it just the once!

Las Vegas at night.
Las Vegas
New York New York.

Las Vegas
Luxur, with the searchlight shining from the top of the pyramid.

Las Vegas Day 2: Grand Canyon.

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The coach collected me from the Hotel at around 6am. It was the early afternoon before we actually got there.
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
I couldn't go to Las Vegas without visiting the Grand Canyon. The day trip was booked using the Internet, and I only received confirmation the day before my flight out from Manchester - the whole holiday was arranged at the last minute really, I only got my flight booked about two weeks beforehand. Anyway, the view was spectacular. The only downside was the 5 hour coach trip to get there - I didn't realise it was so far away, but it was worth it.
During the Grand Canyon trip, I was talking to an American couple who recommended the Steak and Eggs at the San Remo, back in Las Vegas - more about that tomorrow.

Las Vegas Day 1

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Mostly spent at the northern half of The Strip, walking around and seeing the sights.

circus circus

circus circus

I was only in Las Vegas for 4 nights (but this was reduced to 2 full days once the flights in and out and the Grand Canyon trip were taken into account), and I didn't get chance to see any shows, except for a few of the free ones - the circus acts at Circus Circus and an Elvis impersonator/tribute act at the MGM Grand.

I was staying at the Circus Circus - one of the older, cheaper hotels at the north end of The Strip. It was OK - the room was fine and as I was in Las Vegas to see the sights, I didn't want to pay too much for any fancy accomodation. The 'all you can eat' breakfast buffet was good - although it got poor reviews in the guide books, it was advertised as 'New and Improved' and was excellent value for $6.

Las Vegas Boulevard The view north, along Las Vegas Boulevard. Treasure Island is on the immediate left, and the Stratophere Tower is visible in the distance.

Las Vegas
The Stratophere Tower - the view from the top was impressive. Even better than that was the roller coaster ride on the top - called the 'High Roller', it was a fairly gentle ride as roller coasters go, but being so high up, the view was great.
Las Vegas