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Same old Emile, but with a new hat

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Emile wearing a hat

I've noticed that I haven't uploaded any photos of Remy recently. We still have him but he doesn't seem to pose for the camera as often as Emile.

Degu Bell

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Last week we bought a bell shaped seed and herb treat for the Degus. They seem to enjoy it and nibble at it regularly. The degus are very sensitive to sugar and you should avoid feeding them anything which contains any. Before buying any snack treats for them, we always read the ingredients to make sure they don't contain any sugar.

Emile being nosey
I opened the small door in the side of the cage so I could get a photo of Emile eating the bell. I forgot how nosey the degus are. He stopped eating the bell and came to the door to see what I was doing.

Emile eating the bell

Emile eating the bell
I eventually managed to get some photos of him eating it.

Degu and Crackers

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We were watching Torchwood on BBC2 and had the degus out for a bit of a run. We were also eating a few crackers for supper. The degus (or Podge Rats as we sometimes call them) seemed rather interested in them.

emile eating a cracker
Emile seemed to really like the cracker, snatching it and trying to eat it all himself.

remy eating a cracker
Remy was less bothered and took a nibble, but didn't try to take the whole cracker.

Curry Degus

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We have to be careful what we feed the Degus. They aren't allowed anything with much sugar in it, so we limit them to the bought food (Degu food isn't available in our local pet shops so we buy chinchilla food - they have similar dietary requirements) with the occasional bit of vegetable.

This morning we gave them some of the fenugreek biscuits which the hamsters seem to like. They seemed to like them. Emile had a nibble on one when he found them. When we got the Degus out tonight, Remy smelt of curry, much like the Roborovski hamsters do when they eat them.

Yes, we have no Degus

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Just in case any of our parents are reading, earlier today we didn't go to the RSPCA. We didn't get 2 degus and bring them home. We didn't put them in an enormous cage which Emma didn't buy and which doesn't take up most of the living room.

We haven't called them Remy and Emile, after the rats in the film Ratatouille.

Remy the Degu
Remy (with Emile in the background)

Emile the Degu

The Degus had originally been confiscated from a pet shop in the Birmingham area. They had been kept in overcrowded conditions and there had been some fighting. This is probably how Emile lost the tip of his tail.

Remy sometimes sits very still and acts as if he can't see you. The staff at the RSPCA thought he might be blind but most of the time he seems ok. It's as if he has occasional absence seizures which stop if you pick him up.