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Garfield's Birthday

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Today is also Garfield's birthday. He's a bit younger than me (he was 'born' in 1978).

garfield with birthday cake

Birthday Cake

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There's a tradition in work where people celebrate occasions such as birthdays by bringing in some cakes. My contribution this year was to bring some assorted muffins and chocolate doughnuts, which I placed in the kitchen before sending out an email to inform everyone.

Unfortunately I used the words 'cake in the kitchen' so now I can't get the UB40 song 'Rat in the kitchen' out of my head

There's some cake in the kitchen, what am I gonna do?
There's some cake in the kitchen, what am I gonna do?
I'm gonna eat that cake, what's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna eat that cake.

hedgehog cake

Yesterday Emma made a Hedgehog Cake based on a recipe and directions in a baking book. We had a small slice of it tonight. It had to be a small piece because we went out to TGI Friday's for our tea and were both rather full when we got back.

You can just about make out in the picture that the sparkler is in the shape of a letter 'M'.