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On this weeks F Word, Gordon Ramsay had Cliff Richard as celebrity guest in the restaurant. Halfway through the show they did a blind tasting of various wines. The final two were 'Celebrity' wines - one sold by Bob Dylan and one from Cliff's own portuguese vinyard. He didn't like either of the wines, saying they tasted a bit harsh and he'd only consider buying them if they were £2.50 in the supermarket. Since Cliff's wine sells for £8 a bottle and Bob's for even more, it doesn't sound like they are good value for money.

The show also featured a promising tuna recipe:
Tuna loin, dipped in soy sauce and then spread with wasabi, coated in sesame seeds then pan fried. The ones they did on the programme looked a bit too raw in the middle so I'd probably use tuna steak (cheaper than loin) and roast it in the oven so it cooked a bit more thoroughly without burning the seeds.